Nov 30, 2010

18.12. Lappeenranta


Our next show will be december 18th at Lappeenranta with Sold Out and Mastodontti. Here's the poster I just finished:

edit: Here's the facebook event if you're interested, eh...

Nov 29, 2010


Ok! now it's really easy to order our stuff online from Combat Rock Shop! They have new really easy webshop up & running and they're carrying our both records (not counting the first and sold out minicd, heh) and lot's of different t-shirts & hoodies.

Check out this direct link to our section ->

Nov 26, 2010

First Deathbed-encore ever!

And there's another two song set from Athens; "Heresy" and Negative Approach-cover "Can't Tell No One". This was indeed first time ever we played encore with Deathbed. What a bunch of sellouts we are now, heh!!!

Nov 24, 2010

Couple of songs from Athens

Here's couple of songs from our show at Athens!

Thank you Greece!!!

So Greece ruled big time!!! Thank you for Apostolis for booking us up, every band we played with and all the nice people we met! It was a blast! I'll try to post some more pictures & videoclips online as soon as possible!!! And if you happen to have any photos from the shows please share 'em with us!!!

Nov 16, 2010

Stormbirds over Greece - limited LP

Just finished my work with limited tour LP's. And they look nice; 30 copies made, hand painted silver & black cover, numbered obi, clear vinyl and big poster of original "stormbirds" artwork included.

Nov 15, 2010

Kreikan meri - meri Kreikan!

Hell yeah! We're leaving cold and dark Finland at the end of the week for three shows in Greece! We will have some special tour-lp's and t-shirts with us. See you there!!!

Nov 9, 2010

Old, fat & slow

Yep, couldn't beat DEP with stage moves but at least we had god time too! Thanks to everyone who came in early enough to witness our 25minutes!