Aug 20, 2010

Another review (in finnish, sorry)

Here's another good review from Piparnakkelin Pandaluola. In finnish, sorry...

Deathbed on jäänyt tässä taloudessa jostain syystä hieman vähemmälle, joten olipa jo aikakin korjata asia uuden Birds of a Coming Storm –levyn hankinnalla, vinyylimuodossa tietenkin. Ulkoisesti Birds of a Coming Storm on jylhä teos jo komeiden kansiensa (niistä myöhemmin!) puolesta, mutta myös sisältönsä puolesta tämä on perin kunnianhimoinen järkäle.

Angel Witching Hours!

If you happen to be at Tampere tonight, come to Gastropub Soho to have a drink, eat some greasy & tasty pub-food and listen some good music by dj's Vivian Danger & Enola Gaylord. Members and ex-members of Deathbed...

Aug 13, 2010

Birds of a Coming Storm reviewed by Damned by Light -webzine

Here's one well done review from Damned by Light -webzine:

Deathbed got it's first official release out in 2006, it being a split with Kolt, and released their debut album "Veritas" in 2007. Now in 2010 the band finally released their second album.

Aug 12, 2010

DB to the Greece!!!

Hell Yeah!

Deathbed will go for two shows to Greece at November! Dates are:

19th Nov - Athens / Sin City Club
21th Nov - Larissa / Stage Club

A big thank you for Wold's Appreciated Kitch for booking us up!!!

edit: There's also gonna be third show 20th November at Patras!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Old songs & New beats

Last night we practiced some old songs and also new stuff... Here's couple of photos at our rehealsal room.

New "website"

OK. Here's the new "website" of Deathbed. It seems that Myspace is slowly dying and "old school" websites are doing the same thing so maybe we try this blog-thing.  It's been working pretty ok as my personal site, so maybe it will do the same for band.... At least it's easier to update...

Our myspace and facebook-sites are still running, through....