Dec 6, 2010

Nice Review

Found this really nice review of "stormbirds" by World's Appreciated Kitsch:

'Birds of a coming storm' is one of the best records I've listened to during the entire 2010.
Moreover, Deathbed is one of my favorite bands nowadays, and besides that their current line up consists of 3 ex-Endstand members, which is maybe my favorite hardcore band ever. Period.

So, the record was released by Combat Rock Industry, the coolest hardcore / punk label in Finland (also home for bands like Riistetyt, Wasted, Victims, Endstand, Atom Notes, The Heartburns and more), run by Janne (ex-Endstand's and now Deathbed vocalist). It's available in both CD and vinyl formats; if you are one of the 30 lucky ones you already know that there was a super limited edition (hand painted silver & black cover, hand-numbered, clear vinyl and a big poster of the original 'stormbirds' artwork incl.) available during their Greek tour, as well!

'Birds of a coming storm' is Deathbed's 2nd full length album (following 2007's 'Veritas' and the split with Kolt in 2006) and in my opinion is their most mature material since their inception. It includes 9 songs (3 of them in finnish language, 5 in english and there's an instrumental song, too) of passionate yet emotional dark hardcore with a lot of crust and post-hardcore influences. I dare to say that they play like a fictitious heavy band consisting of Tragedy, Endstand, From Ashes Rise and Fall Of Efrafa members...

Their music is fueled with intensity, but there's also a feel of melancholy in their songs.
I'm definitely into Deathbed and I can't wait to see them live again...

Check out underground hardcore bands and fuck the mainstream. There are a lot of 'diamonds' hiding behind the surface and you are still sticking to the overhyped bands that media enforce you to shallow. Pff...

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